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May 10, 2012

The 2607 Countdown: The Top 5 WTF Moments of my MegaTen Playing Experience

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The MegaTen franchise can be filled with a lot of WTF moments that just make you stare at the screen for a couple of minutes and go “Did that just happen?” I’m sure we’ve all had that with our favorite franchises at some point or another. I’ve had a few myself, so I decided to share them with you. So here’s my top five WTF moments from my MegaTen Playing Experience. And no, Catherine doesn’t count as a MegaTen game… That game already has enough WTF moments as it stands.

Shadow Kanji and the Sauna

Anyone who has played Persona 4 will immediately know what I’m talking about. All the homoerotic overtones the dungeon gives off, the Camp Gay that is Shadow Kanji, not to mention the boss battle with him.  Not to mention the brilliant performance that Troy Baker gives. Let’s just say that I felt as unclean as Yosuke when it was all over.

Unsealing Kama

This one isn’t as creepy WTF as it is funny WTF. So, what I had to do was unseal Kama to reenact the Hindu legend regarding him and Shiva. However, I required… sex appeal to summon him. So, who does the game ‘force’ me to pick? Is it Hinako, the sexy dancer? No, her dance skills are needed for Shiva. How about Makoto, Otome, or Fumi, the well-busted women of JPs? Nope, can’t do that, according to the game. How about Io, the presumed love interest for the MC and equally well-busted? Nope, can’t do her either. Guess who that leaves? Airi, the pettanko Tsundere. Oh god, we’re all doomed, and Airi’s only doing it because Hinako goaded her into doing it. (Airi screaming ‘That slut!’ makes me laugh every time)

So we go to Kama’s seal and have Airi act all cute to try and unseal him. That doesn’t work, so Airi’s hair-trigger temper flares up and demands that he come out. Fumi, with a deadpan expression, decides she should contribute as well, but then Airi loses it and begins to tear off her top, to Daichi’s shock and the MC’s possible sh-grin. Then, all of a sudden, Kama finally appears. Wanna know what it was that finally got him to show up? ….Airi’s bellybutton.  The moment her bellybutton was exposed, Kama shows up and FAWNS over it. Now, I’ve head of just about every fetish there is, such as feet, legs, hands, arms, armpits, boobs, ass, scat, urine, vore, oral, transformation, BDSM, giant/giantess, shrinking, balloon popping, and so on. But a bellybutton? Seriously?

Anyways, Kama tries to flee and Battle of the Brave flares up??? Seriously? The badass moment battle theme is used for this? Oh, the disappointment… Anyway, we secure Kama, but then Airi beats him up again for the stereotypical Tsundere reasons. Did I mention before how I LOATHE Tsunderes? Anyway, that was the most surreal moment of DeSu2.

The Love Hotel

This is probably the best know WTF moment in modern MegaTen gaming. It all starts with SEES tracking down the next Full Moon Shadow to a… love hotel… Okay, we already know this is going to be… unique.

So we beat Hierophant, but we can’t leave the room. Suddenly, everyone passes out. Next thing you know, you wake up in one of the rooms, a gentle voice prodding you to try and release your inhibitions. Somehow, you are able to resist. But then, the next thing you know, Yukari (if you’re male), or Akihiko or Junpei (if you’re female), come wandering out in nothing but a towel, ready for lovemaking. All of a sudden, he/she snaps out of it and either slaps you (Yukari) or just becomes a pool of embarrassment (the boys). After your partner redresses, you leave the room and look for the others. You eventually find them on the next floor. Of course, they’re the other members of your party. Now, if they had been the same gender (Akihiko/Junpei for the male and Yukari/Mitsuru for the female), hilarity ensures. Of course, more hilarity ensures if it was Akihiko/Mitsuru who had been trapped together.

Still, it was one of the most random and crazy moments of all of MegaTen. No one ever talks of the mission after that. NO ONE; that’s how bad it was.

And then there’s the fan fics of the Love Hotel event. Some bring Shinjiro into it. In addition, I’ve seen Chidori, Jin, both protagonists, yaoi, yuri, and hetero in some form; no threesomes or group orgies… YET. A pattern I’ve noticed is that Fuuka is NEVER involved. Does Lucia protect her or something? Or is it because she’s just outside with the lone party member you didn’t take?


Sector Carina, the sector of Gluttony, I like to call it. Here is home to one of the most WTF-worth bosses I’ve ever seen.

Horkos, better know in the rest of MegaTen as Orcus, had fused with/eaten the Elve, one of four ships sent into the Schwartzvelt to try and stop it. It… looks like Godzilla on a blimp, to be honest. It’s just so… disturbing. And how often he screams ‘BUONO’, which reminds me of Bueno/Bonus, which means good in Spanish and Latin, respectively. That’s… honestly all I can say about it, other than it haunts my nightmares to this day.

The Prison Chase

Oh god, the prison chase… Probably the one time in 10 years I was genuinely scared and found myself screaming. Good god, the adrenaline was pumping, eyes squinting, so much yelling, and panic…

You see the person chasing you is the boss of the prison, Kumbhanda. And when he’s standing still… HE DOES PELVIC THRUSTS. Oh god, that’s already creepy enough as is, but then you add in the chase music of Prisoner’s Nightmare and the fact that he stomps while he runs, causing the sound effects to get louder and the controller to vibrate more vigorously as you desperately try to find the correct room or get to the gate…

Lady Starwing happened to be with me when I did this. She is rarely, if ever startled. She was freaking out just as much as me! That’s saying something!

Anyways, those are my tales of my most WTF moments in MegaTen. Please leave behind some of your stories in the comments!

May 2, 2012

Lunar Thoughts: Thoughts on Devil Surivor 2 at the end of the first run

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Well, I’ve beaten Devil Survivor 2. I defeated Polaris and restored the world to its former self. I also maxed out my Fate with 11 of the 13 characters, which is awesome. I netted 540 points to spend on New Game Plus bonuses, which will be needed when I face off against the Bonus Bosses and the harder routes.


Anyways, what my thoughts on DeSu2? Well, I recently went back to playing Overclocked for comparison/completion, and oh my god, the differences are astounding. Two is so much more fluid and sharp compared to Overclocked. The battle system and conversations are superior as well. The music is also superior in 2 as well; I’ll go into more detail about that on a future post.


Also, I definitely enjoyed it when I had to face off against the past selves/Shadows of my teammates. It SCREAMED I’ll Face Myself; how sad I was that the correct battle theme wasn’t used, but Will of the Species and Decisive Battle with a Sworn Friend did their job just fine.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first run of the game and I can’t wait to do a second one.


Goals for the second run of the game:

-Max out my Fate with Ronaldo and the Anguished One, if possible

-Do the Mystery Man/Dera-Deka sidequest

-Defeat as many of the bonus bosses as possible

-Crack all remaining skills

-Fuse/Obtain all normally obtainable demons

-Do either the Kill Polaris, Equality, or Anguished One route next.

-Try to reach level 99


What are your thoughts on Devil Survivor 2? Leave them here!

April 25, 2012

Badass Moment: Extending Catherine’s Obelisk Stage Theme

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Well, I’ve just tackled the most difficult song to extend yet. What song would that be? It would be this song:

Correct, that would be the Obelisk Stage theme from Atlus’ Catherine. Now, I’ve seen a few attempts at extending the song before, but NO ONE would ever loop it right.

Pro tip for extending video game songs: If you’re not sure how a song loops, WATCH GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE OR PLAY THE GAME YOURSELF.

Anyways, using the above video in combination with gameplay footage, I determined that the loop for Stage begins at eleven seconds in and ends at roughly one minute and fifty-five seconds in. However, there was a problem. The last twenty seconds of the song are too soft, the MP3 fading out well before the loop is completed.

So, after some damn hard work and lots of editing, I was able to mostly restore the last few seconds of the song. How was I able to do it? By copying and pasting the good part three times over, as done in the game, mess with the volume controls to the point of crossing my eyes, and then start the loop again. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn well the closest match to in-game there’s gonna be out there. Why other extenders don’t bother is beyond me, and it makes me sad.

No matter, I pulled it off. It’s why I’m the best there is and why I’m the undisputed champion. Tooting my own horn, I know, but I was the one with the most subscribers and fans before my channel got shut down. If there’s a loop to be found, I’ll find it!


And here’s the song as it was meant to be heard! Enjoy!

April 17, 2012

Lunar Thought: More Thoughts on Devil Survivor 2

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Well, currently I am at 10:30 on Day 7, Daichi’s route. And let me just say this: GOOD GOD. This game is kicking me hard in the balls now. Notable things that happened since my first post on DeSu2:


Megrez wasn’t that hard, although the chasing it down part was annoying beyond belief.


Alioth’s poison is annoying. I nearly lost due to that.


Mizar was a pain in the ass. He wiped me out twice before I beat him on the third try.


Dragon Stream is badass. No further comment.


-I made the mistake of doing a bonus boss battle with Billiken. He was a pain, but fortunately I beat him without deaths going around.


-I chose Daichi’s side, but I took a sneak peak at the Anguished One’s, or Al Saiduq’s, Route. I am NOT facing Shiva on my first run of the game!


-Everyone’s fighting dirty in Day 7. Twenty uncracked skills being used against me, traps, ambushes, critical hits… They play for keeps! Team Osaka hits fucking hard, especially Keita! And I hated all those damn ranged attacks from Team Nagoya!


Anyways, revised impressions of the characters as of now (Everyone is at Rank 4 or 5):


Daichi: Still a coward and unsure of himself, but at least he’s stepping up now and being a leader. Also, he’s gotten surprisingly badass. Give him Piercing Hit, Multi-Strike and Phys Amp makes the man a BEAST in combat. MAINED


Io: She’s finally grown a backbone and is able to speak for herself now. I like her. I declare her the canon love interest for the protagonist. While she can hit pretty damn hard, she can’t take hits so well, but not to the point where she’s unusable. USEFUL


Joe: He knows he’s an airhead and knows that’s bad for his girlfriend/fiancé. Still he tries his best. His Magic and Agility still make him a wonderful asset, though. The guy can’t be hit if you give him Tailwind, Debilitate, or Hustle. USEFUL


Hinako: ….Good god, she’s taken a level in jerkass. She’s proving to be an ignorant bitch who doesn’t want anyone to squabble, yet has no solution of her own. Lady, sometimes, words cannot solve problems; sometimes, we must speak with our fists. She’s singlehandedly pushing Daichi into everything, which is making me wonder if those two should be a couple. She has Daichi’s physical strengths, but is less versatile. After I recruited the Osaka group, she’s been forgotten for me. SIDELINED.


Keita: …Still an asshole, that’s all I gotta say. He hits harder and faster than Daichi, but has no magic to back him up. SIDELINED.


Airi: …To my surprise, she has grown on me. She’s probably my most well-balanced unit in the party, not to mention that after learning about her dad, I’ve grown sympathetic. Still, I rather hate her Tsundere tendencies, and Tsunderes in general. Because of that, I will NOT pair her with the Protagonist in any capacity. In terms of battle, she’s got great stats all around and can be put into just about any role no problem. MAINED


Jungo: ….I still think he’s Shinji. He hits hard, but has no magic and is very slow. I named the cat he found ‘Jungo’ and had lots of lols. Not useful in combat, though. SIDELINED


Fumi: I like that she studied in England. Wonder if she met Harry Potter? I actually like the character growth she’s gotten and I laugh at the fact that she thinks the protagonist is in love with her. And you know what, I also like Hiro/Fumi; I could see it work. In terms of battle, she’s a magic tank, but very frail. Good if you know how to use her. USEFUL


Makoto: I rushed to save her when I got her death clip. I felt good doing it. Also, I like how she’s let go of her loyalties and is finally doing the right thing. Personally, next to Daichi, Io, and Fumi, she’s had the most personal growth. In regards to her ‘hinted feelings’ toward the protagonist, I prefer to see her as his big sister than as a possible lover, but I can see it working, though; overall I’m neutral to the pairing. She also hits hard and can take hits, but is kinda slow; fortunately Tailwind and Dual Shadow and Extra One make up for that. MAINED


Otome: Last time, I had noting to say. Now I have a lot. I love this woman. She’s so sweet and gentle and kind, always looking after others and taking care of her uncle’s kid as her own. The type I could personally find myself falling for. In terms of battle, having Curse Resistance is a BOON in my book. Not to mention she’s got magic up the wazoo. During my first attempt at Mizar, I gave her the Healing Auto Skill. She was the last one standing and it took Mizar SEVENTY attacks to take her and her team down for good, and the majority of those attacks were Multi-Strike! She is such a badass. MAINED TO INFINITY.


Ronaldo: At first, I found myself sympathetic to the guy, but now…. I hate him. He’s lost total sight of what he wanted and all her cares about is taking down Yamato. Oh, I hope I fight him soon, cause I can’t wait to take him down a few pegs. Also, I’ll be certainly saving his route to be completed last. (I’ll do Daichi, then Al Saiduq, then Yamato, or Yamato then Al, depending on what’s easier)


Yamato: …I’m honestly neutral about him. On the one hand, I wish he’d stop saying he’d kill all those in his way, but on the other hand, he’s been shockingly more benevolent than Ronaldo. If I didn’t want the maximum amount of points for a New Game Plus, I just might’ve gone with his route.


Anguished One/Al Saiduq: He seems to hold a lot of regret over his actions and I actually rather like the guy. If his route wasn’t so damn tough right off the bat, I could see me going his way. Also, I saw his stats during my sneak peek at his route. HOLY FUCK, HE IS BADASS. He’ll so be mained when I get to his route.



Overall thoughts? Man, I forgot how badly Day 7 can kick your ass in a Devil Survivor game. I really need the anti-grinding off now. But I shall persevere! Come back later when I beat the game for final thoughts of my first run!

April 14, 2012

Surface Showcase: Reflections

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Most of the time, the stuff on is just awful. Self-inserts, trolling fics, the horrible stuff done to the English language, the inevitable High School story, and so on, but every now and again, there’s a fic out there I just love. This is one of them.

Reflections, by darkangel.mya, is an AU take on Tales of the Abyss. Her plot has Asch coming back to the manor, and… well, to say the rest is spoilers unto itself.

I found it a couple of years back, and read through all of what was there in a week. As of now, there are 83 chapters and over a thousand reviews. I swear, you will not be disappointed. Whenever there’s a new chapter, I drop EVERYTHING to read it.

The author also has a DeviantArt account. She has some fairly decent stuff on there. Her take on the Twelve Days of Christmas is awesome, especially the first day.

I highly recommend you check out her stuff!

April 10, 2012

Looming Shadow: Persona Music Live: Mayonaka TV in Tokyo International Forum

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For those who have not been paying attention, just two days ago, there was a NEW Persona Music Live Concert! I’m so pumped! I know I’ll be doing some music from that!

And guess who just got the tracklist of songs they did? Me! And here’s the list!

Reach Out To The Truth (P4)(Reincarnation)

Pursuing My True Self (P4)

sky’s the limit (P4A)

Your Affection (P4)(Reincarnation)

P3Fes (P3FES)

key plus words (P4A)

Heartful Cry (P3FES)

Burn My Dread (P3)

When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars (P3)

Time for True Revelation (P4A)

Mass Destruction(P3)

Soul Phase (P3P)

Jika Net Tanaka (P3)

I’ll Face Myself -Battle- (P4)(Reincarnation)

Alone in this World (P4A)

Heaven (P4)(Reincarnation)

Found Me (Trinity Soul)

Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down (P4A)

Beauty of Destiny (P4A)

Battle Hymn of the Soul (P3)


P4G Battle Theme(Time To Make History) (P4G)

P4Arena Main Theme (Vocal)

Mist (P4)

Breakin’ through (Trinity Soul)

Deep Breath Deep Breath (P3)(Reincarnation)

We Are One and All  (P4A)

The Way of Memories –Kizuna no Chikara- (P4A)

Memories of You (P3)

Never More (P4)

Reach Out To The Truth (P4)(Reinarnation)

I know, such a badass list? Anyways, I’ll need to clarify a few of these songs.

-Time for True Revelation is Kanji’s theme; it plays when he first summons his Persona and fucks up all of Shadow Rise’s reinforcements.

-Yes, Jika Net Tanaka is in this. I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

-Alone in this World is Yukiko’s theme that plays in Episode 4 when Shadow Yukiko is fucking up everything.

-Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down is the song from Episode 5 during the basketball game.

-CM is an unknown song as of now that’s apparently both in Arena and Golden.

-Time to Make History is the new battle theme introduced in Persona 4: Golden.

-The Main theme of P4Arena is a vocal version of the ‘piano room’ theme everyone knows about.

-We Are One and All is the song from Episode 25 when everyone teams up to fight Ameno-Saigiri and Yu whips out FUCKING LUCIFER.

I’m so pumped for this soundtrack! Here are my overall thoughts on this:

-Why is Trinity Soul still being represented? Even if it’s two songs, that’s two too many.

-What happened to the P3P songs? No Wiping All Out? No Time? No Way of Life?

-P1 and P2 got the shaft. Again.

-FINALLY, Mist and I’ll Face Myself Battle make the roster! About fucking time!

-Was there any Golden/Arena/P5 information released during the concert? Last time, Theodore was officially introduced, so I’m anticipating something similar for this. Perhaps Marie?

And you guys can certainly bet that I’ll be extending a few songs from that. And as thanks for reading this, I have a special treat for you guys! Enjoy!

April 7, 2012

Lunar Thought: Initial Thoughts on Devil Survivor 2

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Well, about a week ago, I bought Devil Survivor 2, itching for some fun. As of the writing of this post, I am at 16:30 in Day 4, ready to avert another Death Clip from Nicaea. So, I thought now would be a good a time as any to give my thoughts on the game as of now.

The Plot:

The plot is that a disaster has struck Japan (yet again) and you and your friends gain the power to summon demons to defend yourselves. Along the way, you must recruit allies, avert the death clips, and battle against the mysterious Septentrions. Basic enough, no? But I can already see the factions of Law, Chaos, and Neutral beginning to form, as typical of a MegaTen game.

What irks me more than anything so far is that all four people featured on the death clips so far have had a firm grip on the Idiot Ball. All four people were part of my group at one point, but ran off on their own like idiots due to being a coward, an asshole, a well-meaning idiot, and a Cloudcuckoolander, in that order. My theory: If they had just stayed with the group from the start, NO DEATH CLIPS.

The Battle System:

Virtually unchanged from Devil Survivor 1/Overclocked, sans the additions of the new moves. I do love the Joint Skill Crack; that is definitely useful. I’ve yet to see any of the other good features yet, though. Also, Neko Shogun is win.

The Music:

OH GOD THE MUSIC. It’s so damn good. I’d swear Shoji Meguro himself did the soundtrack, but it’s actually his coworkers doing the soundtrack, and I love it. All the battle themes are win. Let’s see… my top three battlefield themes at the moment are these:

And my three favorite battle themes so far are these:

The Characters:

Good GOD, so much T & A. If you have a boob or butt fetish, this is the game for you! The art design is… unique… The art is easily summed up by this picture:

(picture by Sharkmon. Link is here. )

P.S.: The art for the game was done by same guy who did the art for Durarara!!

As for my thoughts on the individual characters, and their ranks in the Fate System, here they are:

Daichi (Fate Rank 4): Man, he’s such a coward. Grow a spine, DAMMIT. However, his stats are more well-rounded than most, so he gets some fair use, but not to the point of being mained.

Io (Fate Rank 2): Like Daichi, she needs to grow a spine and spit out what she wants to say. However, she is rather brave, her magic and strength are awesome, and is one of my mains at the moment.

Joe (Fate Rank 2): …I’m not ever sure where to begin. He’s so… out there. However, his Magic and Agility are good, so he’s also a main.

Hinako (Fate Rank 1): PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. Other than that, she’s actually a rather good character, well-rounded personality and whatnot. Her weakpoint is her lack of magic right now, however she’s a good tank.

Keita (Fate Rank 1): He’s Akihiko if he was Chatoic Neutral instead of Lawful Good. He’s also an asshole and I hate him. He stays on the sidelines all the time.

Airi (Fate Rank 2): Good god, the loliTsundere of the game. I do not like Tsunderes, but I do like her dream of being a concert pianist and I do like her costume. Her stats are surprisingly well rounded, so she’s also a main.

Jungo (Fate Rank 1): He… is not the sharpest tool in the shed. If not for the fact he can only cook one dish and the utter dimness, I’d swear UP AND FUCKING DOWN he’s Shinjiro Aragaki in disguise. Useful for if I need a physical attacker.

Fumi (Fate Rank 2): Hands down, best costume of the game. She also reminds me of Sheldon Cooper, so that’s also a bonus. Her magic is crazy ridiculous, but her other stats suffer for it. Useful for when I need to use Dance Spells on a boss or for healing.

Makoto (Fate Rank 2): Probably the first character I found myself liking. I like her personality and her struggles. She’s also rather well-rounded with a leaning towards physical, so she also gets mained.

Otome (Fate Rank 0): I only just got her, so I can’t comment too much on her. However, she’s also a magic tank like Fumi, so she has similar uses. However, she is rather bubbly and I can easily see Tara Strong voicing her with a more mature version of her ‘Bubbles’ voice.

Yamato (Fate Rank 1): He’s like Naoya. I swear up and down. He’s like Naoya, but has more of a heart than him. I also like that he has Resist Phys; I can’t wait to get him into my party and see what he can do.

Ronaldo (Fate Rank 1): I can easily tell he’s the Law Hero of this game. He seems quite evil right now, but outside of fights, he does seem rather reasonable except for his undying hatred of JPs. If he’d let that go, I think everyone would be better for it.

The Anguished One (Fate Rank 0): Just who is this guy? He’s so… spooky.

Overall, I love this game so far. I just wish the anti-grinding wasn’t in effect. I can’t wait for a New Game Plus so I can get rid of that.

April 3, 2012

Looming Shadow: Plans for this blog

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Hello, everyone! Lunar here.  I finally figured out what I wanna do with my blog. I’ll focus on video games, animation, and the like. I’ve divided what I’ll most likely talk about into the following categories.


The 2607 Countdown

This is where I’ll be doing lists. It will most often be Top Ten. Could cover a wide variety of topics.

Trope Talk

This is where I explain a trope from and give my opinions on it.

Lunar Theory

This is where I launch into fan-theories, whether my own or someone else’s, and explain why I think it’s true or false.

Lunar Thought

This is where I’ll give my thoughts on whatever comes to mind that doesn’t fit a different category.

Looming Shadow

Breaking news regarding future updates, extensions, writings, and whatnot. This post, for example.

Surface Showcase

This is where I show off other people and/or things I think need more attention their way.

Badass Moment

Where I highlight something completely and utterly badass.

Dragon Plots

Half-Baked fan fiction ideas I’ve had that may or may not go somewhere.

Mind you, this list could change at any time. For now, I think this is a good starting place. I’ll post notification videos on my channel when I get a new blog post up, so keep your eyes peeled, or you can subscribe to this blog. Comments are welcome on the blog and the notification videos!

August 29, 2011

How to Extend a Song: Pt. 5/5- Converting

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Now then, with your video and extension done, the last step in the entire process is to convert it into a movie for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Go to the menu bar and click ‘Share.’ Select ‘QuickTime’ and you’ll get this window.

You can either hit ‘Share’ now or you can choose the quality you want. Personally, I choose ‘Web’, but the choice is yours. Just be aware that the higher the quality you pick, the long the conversion will take.

Once you have your quality picked, hit ‘Share’ and the Save window will appear. Select what you want to name the file and where you want to keep it.

Hit ‘Save’ and the conversion will start. Note: While the conversion process is going on, you will be unable to work on any other projects, so now’s a good time to get a snack, use the bathroom, browse the web, or get a quick chore done.

Once the conversion is done, your video is ready to be uploaded to YouTube!

Once it’s uploaded to YouTube, you’ll have this:

Enjoy the song! And here’s the download link for the extension!

How to Extend a Song: Pt. 4/5- Adding Visuals to Your Video

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Now that you have your audio, you need your visual cues. We’ll just keep it simple and have a single picture for Battle of the Brave. You can either import the picture from iPhoto or manually drag it into the top bar of the project (the bar that says ‘Drag Photos Here’). For me, I use iPhoto. Click on ‘Media’ again, then click on the ‘Photos’ button and a bunch of your stored photos will show up.

Next step will be to find it. Either manually scroll through to find it, or if you know the name of the file, type it into the Search bar. Once you find your photo, either manually drag the photo into the top bar of the project or click ‘Show Photo Setting’ and then hit ‘Apply’ in the little box that appears. Done correctly, you should get something akin to this:

Next, drag and lengthen the photo so that it is the same exact length of the extension. In the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll notice two times, like ’12:35:20 of 18:12:00’ The first number represents the amount of time the currently selected photo/audio takes up and the second number represents the full time of the project. You must make the two numbers equal regarding the photo (17:09:00 of 17:09:00) or you will either have a blank video or dead air at the end. Done correctly, you will have this result:

And with that, you have Audio and Video. If you wish to add more pictures, just repeat the steps as many times as needed to add the amount of pictures you want. Video also works in a similar, except you can’t stretch it out and it has to be manually imported. And with the video finally complete, the last step is to convert it for YouTube!

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